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Top 5 Weird Possible Facts About Coke

On January 22, 2011, in Finance, by carson

Disclaimer:  The facts contained herein may or may not be true.  But it may explain why it’s the best selling drink in over 200 countries with a per capita sales growth that keeps increasing despite it being around for over 100 years!


Today’s Coca-Cola uses “spent” coca leaves, which are those that have been put through a cocaine extraction process.  However, since this process cannot extract the cocaine alkaloids at a molecular level, the Coke we drink today still contains trace amounts of the stimulant.   The United States DEA oversees the importation of coca for Coca-Cola, and later subsequent sale of  the extracted cocaine to the drug industry where it is used in the creation of many of the common drugs whose names end in “-caine” (such as Procaine and Lidocaine).

In fact, the Stepan Company extracts the cocaine from the coca leaves which it imports from usually Peru and Bolivia.  After the cociane is extracted it is sold which it sells to Mallinckrodt, a St. Louis, Missouri pharmaceutical manufacturer that is the only company in the United States licensed to purify cocaine for medicinal use.  Source: Wiki


Due to the laws the govern trade secrets, Coke is not obligated by law to reveal the list of ingredients that make Coke.  So you may very well be mildly or severely allergic to a certain compounds found in coke and not know it.


Coke is a “Bargain product” that gets cheaper and cheaper relative to increases in a person’s earnings power over time, ie.,

  • In 1936, a 6 ½ ounce bottle was priced at five cents
  • In 1998, a 12 ounce can was priced at 20 cents
  • This means that the per-ounce price of Coke only doubled in 62 years – which is only 1/6th the rate of inflation during that whole time period!


Warren Buffett mused that, “Coke has no taste memory… You can drink one at 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 1 o’clock, and 5 o’clock. The one at 5 o’clock will taste as good to you as the one you drank early in the morning. You can’t do that with Cream Soda, Root Beer, Orange, or Grape. All of those things accumulate on you. Most foods and beverages accumulate. You get sick of them after awhile. There is no taste memory to cola and that means you get people around the world who will be heavy users – who will drink five a day, or for Diet Coke, 7 or even 8 a day. They will never do that with other products. So you get this incredible per capita consumption.”

The reason for this is the combination of coke’s asymmetrical flavour base (ie.,  sweet – like sugar, acidic – like lemon, bitter – like coffee, salty – like salt, umami – like broth made up of the last 4 flavors married into a 5th flavor) and carbonation.  When they interact with the trigeminal nerve fibres which are located all over the mouth the ‘burn’ sensations is your nerves actually being damaged thus, the link to your flavor memory region in your brain malfunctions and stops working as it would work for say, your Grandma’s Huckleberry Jam.

What you do remember is the “sensational memory” – the fizz in your mouth.  But the real science trick to make this drink addictive is the element of carbonatated water.   The carbonation increases the speed at which your bloodstream absorbs the sugar and caffeine.  You see, for a liquid to be carbonated, Carbon Dioxide must be injected into water under pressure which lowers the PH level.  By accomplishing this, a liquid achieve the perfect molecular structure to be an importer of a particular joint-substance, namely: sugar and caffeine, to be received into the bloodstream at the quickest rate possible.  This makes it a quick fix and the same chemical reactions that take place in the brain for the wanting of cocaine is no different than from Coke – pun intended!


Coca-cola’s recipe is notoriously guarded in a vault in Sun Trust Bank in Atlanta, Georgia and only 2 executives have access to the vault.

A book by Mark Prendergast claims to know the secret recipe.  Here is the recipe that is “allegedly” the real deal:

Coriander Oil (a trace)
Orange Blossom Oil (a trace)
Orange Oil (0.94g)
Lemon Oil (1.79g)
Nutmeg Oil (0.14g)
Cinnamon Oil (0.41g)
Mix them in alcohol (9.97g)
and water (5.50g)

Shake well and let stand for 24-hrs. The mixture will separate.  At the top will be a clear yellow liquid, this is the cokes secret “7X” flavouring.

Dissolve Sugar (4.88kg)
in a tiny amount of boiling water and allow to cool.
Add Caramel (73g)
Caffeine (6.3g)
Phosphoric Acid (22.4g)
A sprinkling of powered nut from the Kola tree. And purists may add
Coca Leaf (2.24g)
After first removing the cocaine!
You should now have a thick syrup.
Add Lime juice (61g)
Glycerin (38.7g)
Vanilla Extract (3.05g)
and “7X”
Stir hard and dilute with 5.5 parts chilled carbonated water.

Voila – You should now have 50 litres of Coca-Cola!


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